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  • As a Student, receiving online coaching assessments from the pros.  If you want personalized support from a private coach then you will love this ongoing relationship with coaches.

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Ambassadors may receive tax benefits, learn more

Turn your vacation into your vocation and write off pickleball expenses. You will get information on this after you enroll as a Co-Op member. We will give members ongoing knowledge how to leverage your passion regardless of your talent level as an independent affiliate.  Imagine, writing off your pickleball expenses each year. Would you like saving a more than a thousand dollars in costs and reducing your taxable income each year?

You can redirect your pickleball passion and potentially save thousands on your taxes while you play pickleball.

Here are some examples:

  • Products and Equipment purchases
  • Cell phone and gas expenses
  • Training and Coaching Expenses
  • Tourney Registration fees
  • Health care costs
  • Court fees and/or memberships
  • Home office benefits too

We are looking for motivated and outgoing people to help us grow at every court across the USA!

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