• Make a difference in Kids Lives
  • Have Fun growing the sport
  • Make a bunch of new friends

Play Friendly – Our Charity Volunteer your time, teaching others nationwide.

We are in the process of completing our 501C Charity that is focused on Teaching Pickleball to kids nationwide to expand the number of players and to encourage family and friends to play friendly.  The focus of  “Play Friendly”, is entrenched in the idea that we encourage sportsmanship and inclusion nationwide as we teach millions more to play the sport.

We are partnering with the Boys and Girls club of America to offer our teaching services to kids in every community we can.  Because the pickleball community already has a few million players, we believe we can have an army of caring teachers to share our great sport with tomorrows youth.

Pickleball can be played indoors and outdoors.  On any surface from a gym to a hard court playground.  Any driveway in America could be a resource to practice dinking after we equip some kids with some paddles and a few balls.

We want thousands of our members to donate balls to the youth to learn to play.

Play Friendly–Be the Teammate you want to play with !