The #1 key to our mission is the focus on building the community.

We have a Facebook group you can join at Pickleball Co-Op Community that will allow you to interact with, participate in and share great ideas, tips, new courts and helpful ways to teach others the sport of pickleball. We are committed to sportsmanship, and being the best teammate you can be.

This Co-Op is not just about getting valuable products and services but more about how you can contribute and make a difference on YOUR HOME COURT. Its all about making a difference locally and we can have an impact globally.

Of course, we will give you extraordinary value for your membership fee. We are hoping in exchange you share with others and volunteer your heart and time to grow the sport.


Be the Best Player and Partner you want to play with yourself.

We believe that everyone is different, although there are a few personality and player types that are important to identify to maximize your gifts emotionally while you are in the heat of the battle. A big part of the game is mental and adjusting to mistakes. By taking a communication assessment you will be able to learn about yourself and others and blend. Visit this site and take a short 10-minute communication assessment.

The more you know about yourself and how your personality and communication style impacts others the more effective you will become.

Fun games you can play nice with others.

There are lots of fun games you can play with your pickleball friends at local parks, backyards beaches and parties. Here are a few options that are the types of sports that you can enjoy playing but you don’t have to be over aggressive and dominate the space.

Bocce Ball