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  • Premier Economics course on the Business Of Pickleball
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The Premier Economics course on the Business of Pickleball

We are offering you a fun, informative and easy to implement four-week virtual business course on the economics of pickleball. Begin to earn income immediately partnering with the American Pickleball Co-Op. We have the simple to use technology, contacts and experience to get you started the very first week. You will receive hundreds of dollars in additional benefits to use in 2021 as well. It’s the ultimate value. Each week we will have guest speakers offering ideas and answering questions on important topics for you. We have a private social network sharing results and ideas that will grow as the year goes on. If you have not used Clubhouse yet, we will invite you to help us grow the sport.

Master Class Pickleball Curriculum

  • Week 1 – The Economics of Pickleball, Opportunities and things to watch and read.
  • Week 2- How to earn income immediately in the sport. How and where to promote things?
  • Week 3 -Setting up your income center to begin to earn income, platform, taxes, expenses etc.
  • Week 4 – Creating unrivaled value in your area. Provide and interact with other class members.

Only 7 Sessions Available in 2021

We are offering 7 sessions in 2021 for you to participate in. From May-November we will introduce you to the various revenue centers that any pickleball enthusiast can employ to make money in the pickleball industry. We will provide a virtual mobile business card you can use immediately. We provide all of the tools, relationships and training you need.

The majority of pro golfers, make their income teaching golf, not playing golf. There are 10’s of 1000’s of people employed in America in the golf industry but only a few hundred playing for pure money. What. if it was possible for you to earn income on the industry itself?

Enroll in the Master Class

Make Money Playing Pickleball 52 weeks a year. Incredible tax benefits, rewards and personal coaching and mentoring for all Master Class Affiliate members


What are some of the insights and benefits you will learn in the course?

  • You don’t need professional talent to earn professional income. Just knowledge and effort.
  • We will teach you pickleball economics and growth opportunities.
  • We will focus on you earning compensation to play and promote pickleball in your local area
  • Many tax advantages come with the intent to make profit in any industry.
  • You will hear from executives, pro players, sponsors and industry organizations on live calls. a.
  • We will discuss dozens of revenue opportunities to earn on anywhere in America.
  • Event Sponsor Support Management. How do you become invaluable in your area?
  • How to attract and keep sponsors at any level above 3.5.? What do they want in return?
  • Learn how to do Social Media promotions that earn you income each week.
  • Receive Completion certificate and a Master Class T shirt to help you generate income.

If you love pickleball and play a few times a week, are not afraid to recommend, promote and serve your community than you can earn income partnering with us. We are building a list of enthusiast volunteers to help you nationwide.

Save $1000’s, Earn $1000’s

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