Student / Faculty Participation with personalized coaches only $39.00

FREE Communication and Partnership assessment to improve your performance on and off the court. Be the player you want to play with. Improve as a player and partner with our Optimal Player Analysis. Find out how your energy, temperament and communication style impact all of your partners. Learn how to balance the energy of people not in sync with you.

Members get weekly conference calls to learn how to get along with any personality type. Very important in growing your skill level. What we ask you to do is film 10-15 minutes of your playing pickleball at your own home courts. Have a friend use your mobile phone or GoPro. Shoot the video from both sides of the court for 5-7 minutes each so we can watch you serve and return shots from both sides of the net. We will also assess your positioning, drop shots, court awareness and consistent weaknesses that you might improve. We will return to you a written assessment and set up a live FaceTime interaction to go over the assessment so you can have some things to work on. If you want future coaching, we can make the same facilitator or different one help you.

No matter where you live you can receive quality coaching and honest feedback to improve your skills. Then plug into their weekly Q and A sessions to learn more about the game.